(The guy who wrote it.)


James Gough was born in the Rockies, raised in the Dakotas, schooled in a mountain desert, trained south of the border and wooed by the Big Apple. He's traveled the world telling stories and now lives on the side of a cliff surrounded by enchants, three bright daughters, a brilliant wife and a floofy dog.


His debut novel, Cloak, was born from a single question: Why are there so many myths, legends and stories about talking animals? It smelled like a cover-up. So he dug deeper. What he found surprised even him. Some discoveries just need to be written about.

James has also been an actor, an artist, an athlete and an advertising creative. Besides writing, is obsessed with strange foods and has always been an avid people-watcher. Once, he saw a well-dressed possum in Grand Central Station; and he is willing to bet that a night guard he met in Detroit was half pit-viper, but it is hard to be sure.

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